Tolerance Optimizer

Unlock trapped revenue immediately

It is a difficult balance to find the optimal settings for tolerance configuration in SAP for utilities.

Finding this balance is often a matter of trial and error, coupled with lengthy and expensive analysis.

In the worst cases large numbers of these exception types lead to late billing, lost revenue and customer dissatisfaction.

Torch provides the ability to model the tolerance changes before they are made, allowing you to analyze and model different tolerance limits before adjusting them and automatically closing or releasing the affected implausible or outsorts.


  • Prevent high Back Office exception rates, avoid negative customer impacts and adverse media attention through effective tolerance management
  • Prevents extensive hours of manual work, ensuring agent focus on priority cases
  • The selection criteria provided for each report allow clients to use the reports in a manner that suits their needs and carry out both discrete analysis as well as system-wide analysis
  • Provides efficient filtering options to optimize the report output
  • Empowers efficient exceptions management and volume reductions as report suite includes a Mass-closure tool for BPEM Exceptions related to Implausible Meter Reads.
  • Torch has a simple user interface so minimal user training is required
Tolerance vizualisation for SAP Utilities ISU Decrease Tolerances
Powerful what-if analysis for SAP Utilities billing Tolerance issues ISU BPEM exceptions management


Torch leverages the use of the Node5Diffuser algorithm to accelerate the analysis of the implausibles, billing outsorts and invoicing outsorts, drastically decreasing the time it takes to identify the tolerance 'sweet spot'.

Torch means that you can conduct 'what if' analysis, to evaluate the effectiveness of different tolerance settings, to determine the optimum configuration. And, it enables the automated release of implausibles, billing outsorts and invoicing outsorts based upon the optimum tolerances.

In addition to producing metrics, Torch can also be configured to automatically release of all three exception types based on customzied values.

When run on-line, the reports also allow agents to carry out manual release activities directly without resorting to launching new transactions, and there is specific functionality to bulk 'clean up' BPEM cases.

Tech Notes

  • Software only - there’s no hardware, no appliances, or no low-level SAP tweaks required
  • Installed on your SAP system in 6 days
  • SAP metering and billing tolerance analysis accelerated 20x faster
  • Installation package uses our Node5 OneStep approach - so are quickly implemented or backed out of your SAP landscape
  • Operating Systems supported: All supported by SAP
  • Requires SAP IS-U
  • Databases Supported:All supported by SAP
  • HANA and cloud ready - with guaranteed support for future SAP technologies including migration to simplified suite
  • 24/7 global support provided by US and European staff.


  • Annual subscription pricing with a simple 12 month license term
  • 24x7 support included as standard
  • Maintenance included - with annual updates
  • Low risk pricing - with no upfront capital investment required
  • ROI typically achieved in 2-3 weeks

For more information about pricing of Torch and any other of our solutions simply get in touch.

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