About Tacoma Public Utilities

Tacoma Public Utilities is the public utility service for Tacoma, Washington. It was formed in 1893, and is made up of Tacoma Power, Tacoma Water, Tacoma Rail, and the Click! Network television cable service.

Tacoma Public Utilities is the largest department in Tacoma City government, employing more than 1,200 employees and operating entirely from revenues from sale of services.

Key Challenges

TPU implemented CR&B a few years ago and had noticed increasing ACH times, increasing exceptions backlog, and billing issues. The company’s aim is to reduce ACH’s by 60%.

Their back office team were duplicating up to 80% of their work by using 7 reports instead of one single report. In addition, TPU were not able to set meaningful KPIs because they had no way of tracking KPIs, having little visibility of how the company was performing.

How we helped

Basis Technologies were able to offer the BDEx suite of BDi Apps (Customer Centric Hub, BPEM Closure Control and Dynamic Work Center) as a proven, out-of-the-box solution with a modern user interface which could be deployed quickly and offer a substantial cost savings.

With BDEx in place TPU can improve up to 95% of invoices ready to mail in 3 days.