BDEx Dynamic Work Center

Take control of your back office

In a SAP Utilities environment back office work can come from many different processes and issues.

Wiith limited time and resources it’s important to prioritize these efficiently, The BDEx Dynamic Work Center is about getting the right work, to the right people, at the right time and in the correct sequence.

Work is prioritized based on pre-determined rules, and then allocated to the correct agent's single inbox automatically without requiring lots of manual steps.

The Dynamic Work Center streamlines the process of allocating back office work in an SAP Utilities environment, enabling greater efficiency, reducing cherry picking of work and enabling back office managers to gain complete visibility and control of their team's workload.


  • Simplifies re-distribution of work- work can be orchestrated in a more dynamic way to support your business priorities

  • Enforce prioritization and reduce cherry picking of work by configuring predefined rules

  • Dynamic Work center gives back office managers greater control of their workload and facilitates the management of accurate reporting statistics

  • Streamlines the process of allocating back office work in an SAP Utilities environment

  • BDEx Apps are available on a simple annual pricing plan with 24/7 support meaning you can benefit from rapid ROI with no upfront capital investment.

Manager Work Lists SAP Utilities Improve Customer Experience
  • The Manager View enables team managers to get a real time view of their team's workload and productivity.
  • So your teams can be directed to support specific initiatives seamlessly as part of their daily workflow
Get Work feature SAP Utilities Improve exceptions management
  • The ‘Get Work’ button allocates identifies workload by taking into account current priorities and then distributes it based on the weightings you provide - directly to the right agents.


The BDEx Dynamic Work Center provides a Unified Inbox for each service agent - where 'work' can be automatically received and managed. The Unified Inbox pulls all relevant information into a single transaction - meaning BPEM cases, Workflow items from IS-U and CR&B and Collection Items are collected together into a single, seamless view.

The ‘Get Work’ button identifies and allocates workload by taking into account current priorities and then distributes it based on the weightings you provide - directly to the right agents.

For managers and team leads, the Dynamic Work Center Manager View delivers an instant centralized view of work across your organization, including what each agent is working on and watching - making it easier to re-distribute work as demand dictates or when agents call in sick.

The powerful 'inform when resolved' option manages open outstanding items and agents also get a personalized view of tasks relevant to them including open, watched and closed items.

Tech Notes

  • Software only - there’s no hardware, no appliances, or no low-level SAP tweaks required
  • Installed and Configured on your SAP system in 20 days
  • Installation package uses our Node5 OneStep approach - so are quickly implemented or backed out of your SAP landscape
  • SAP Platforms Supports: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 and above
  • All Databases and Operating Systems supported by SAP
  • HANA and cloud ready - with guaranteed support for future SAP technologies including migration to simplified suite
  • Built on the Node5 Architecture - the basis of everything we do
  • Dynamic Work Center is SAP Certified - so you can be confident that it adheres to SAP’s development standards and will not adversely affect the integrity of your system
  • Full Implementation support and training is included
  • 24/7 global support provided by US and European staff.


  • Annual subscription pricing with a simple 12 month license term
  • Evaluation licence available which can be converted to a full 12 month term.
  • 24x7 support included as standard
  • Maintenance included - with annual updates
  • Low risk pricing - with no upfront capital investment required
  • ROI typically achieved in less than 4 weeks.

For more information about pricing of BDEx Dynamic Work Center and any other of our BDEx solutions simply get in touch.

American Water use BDi Apps- SAP for utilities
Looking at the high volume of transactions, we knew that we would need the right tool to help support us and effectively manage exception activity across some of our key process areas. BDEx has met that expectation and more

Meg Neafsey
Vice President of Customer Service American Water