BDEx Customer Centric Hub

Get a 360 degree customer view of exceptions

If you run SAP for Utilities - including IS-U, CR&B, CCS and FI-CA - you’ll more than likely know about exceptions.

Exceptions are the errors that prevent important business processes from completing. And although SAP provides solutions to manage exceptions like Business Process Exception Management (BPEM) and Enhanced Message Management Analysis (EMMA) - they don’t quite hit the mark.

So most utilities who run SAP wind up with thousands or even millions of exceptions in their SAP system - tripping up and slowing down important business processes - like billing.

Every exception in your SAP system is a cost. It costs time and effort to investigate and, left unresolved, impacts your customer satisfaction and revenue recovery.

The Customer Centric Hub is the only tool that presents all relevant information from IS-U and CR&B along with other information linked to the customer - like implausible reads and billing outsorts - in a single transaction enabling faster investigation and significant savings and agent productivity.


  • Customer Centric Hub enables agents to work much faster by reducing the process steps by up to 60%, this means less training, greater consistency of work and a much better understanding of the overall customer experience

  • Significantly improved system navigation compared to SAP standard transactions. A 'one stop shop' for handling exceptions and complaints

  • Faster and more consistent resolution across your whole team as pre-packaged transactions can quickly guide your agents to relevant next steps

  • Back office operational efficiency is significantly improved with on average AHT reductions of 50-60%

  • Achieve up to 80% improvement on first time call resolution for Front Office complaints handling

  • Customer centric way of working enables the root cause to be quickly identified and ultimately fixed with a proven track record of improving right first time resolutions by up to 40%

  • Unlock trapped revenue through the accelerated resolution of metering, billing and dunning exceptions, enabling agents to work end to end

Customer Centric view for SAP Utilities SAP Utilities Late Billing
  • With 290 pre-packaged actions provided - agents no longer have to switch between a long list of SAP transactions
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Customer Centric view for SAP Utilities SAP Utilities Late Billing
  • With over 40 different work requests relevant to a customer being made available in one place, you can see everything that's relevant to resolve your customers account


The BDEx Customer Centric Hub is is the world’s most advanced exceptions management add-on for SAP - providing a truly customer centric view of exceptions. It uses our Node5Architecture to build a Master Data Hierarchy - which provides all customer specific data (including: partners, accounts, contracts, supply points, relating to the customer) in a single, central view - with actions linking to vital transactions to enable the customers issue to be resolved efficiently, getting it right first time.

With over 40 different work requests relevant to a customer being made available in one place, you can see everything that's relevant to resolve your customers account. Available exception types include BPEM Cases, Service Orders, IS-U and CR&B Workflows, Outsorts and CRM replication issues - the BDEx Customer Centric Hub pulls everything that is relevant into a single customer centric view.

There are also 280 pre-packaged actions provided - so agents no longer have to remember a long, frustrating list of SAP transactions and switch between them. Agents can quickly be guided to relevant next steps. And Root Cause Analysis provides a guided view through the inter-dependencies between exceptions, so that root causes are prioritized over symptoms - meaning that you can fix the the cause fast, and reduce repeat problems without extensive training programs.

The Invoice history view, details all the previous invoices generated in the system, including the invoices that have been sent and those that have been reversed with their payment status for even more insight to your customers account. And, the notes view collates customer contacts, interaction records and BPEM case notes into one organised area to provide the customers history at your fingertips, avoiding navigation through different systems and screens saving time and initial SAP training effort.

Tech Notes

  • Installed and configured in around 40 days - with rapid user adoption
  • Software only - there’s no hardware, no appliances, or no low-level SAP tweaks required
  • Installation package uses our Node5 OneStep approach - so are quickly implemented or backed out of your SAP landscape
  • Supports SAP Platforms NetWeaver 7.0 and above
  • Supports all SAP Databases and Operating Systems
  • HANA and cloud ready - with guaranteed support for future SAP technologies including migration to simplified suite
  • Built on the Node5 Architecture - the basis of everything we do
  • BDEx Customer Centric Hub is SAP Certified - so you can be confident that it adheres to SAP’s development standards and will not adversely affect the integrity of your system
  • 24/7 global support provided by US and European staff.


  • Annual subscription pricing with a simple 12 month license term
  • Evaluation licence available which can be converted to a full 12 month term.
  • 24x7 support included as standard
  • Maintenance included - with annual updates
  • Low risk pricing - with no upfront capital investment required
  • ROI typically achieved in less than 3 weeks.

For more information about pricing of BDEx Customer Centric Hub and any other of our solutions simply get in touch.

American Water use BDi Apps- SAP for utilities
By being able to effectively manage and resolve our process exceptions, we are able to mitigate the effects of late billing with BDEx.

Tammy MacLaughlin
CIS Release Lead - Business Transformation Program American Water