BDEx Connect

BDEx Connect provides a library of preconfigured web services that can be used to fetch a variety of data from your SAP IS-U billing system, into any web enabled system of your choice. This enables the simple integration of SAP IS-U with external systems through an easy to consume OData service.

Leveraging the 360 degree view of the customer from BDEx, external applications can be enriched with a real-time feed of key customer information and user interactions. This can range from the account balance, to the complete invoicing history. Typical applications of this are to integrate BDEx and IS-U with SAP C4C or external non SAP systems.

For example you could enrich SAP C4C with all of the customer notes and exceptions from the IS-U Billing system or pass the invoicing history from IS-U into Salesforce CRM. Alternatively it could be used to integrate with your digital platform to enhance the multi-channel customer self service.

Regardless of technology, platform or application, BDEx Connect provides answers to questions about customers (or accounts, or other Master Data objects) using the universally-accepted and browser-friendly language of HTTP without the need for complex interfaces, file formats or even operational scheduling.

With BDEx Connect, common questions such as:

  • ‘What open work needs to be resolved for this Customer?’

  • ‘What is the current open balance of the Customer’s Account?’

  • ‘What was the last bill sent to the Customer?’

  • become simple HTTP requests instead, and can be resolved instantly.


  • Provides preconfigured interfaces for out of the box integration with IS-U

  • Reduces the development overhead needed to integrate SAP IS-U with external systems

  • Provides Front Office agents with a more detailed, 360 degree view of the customer powered by BDEx

  • Enables an enhanced multi-channel customer experience

  • Enables BDEx Activity Logging to be queried externally, providing additional Managerial oversight and accountability

Whether you're an existing BDEx customer or not, if you'd like to see a hands on demonstration of BDEx connect, please get in touch and one of our utilities experts and we will arrange a suitable time and date.


BDEx Connect consists of a library of connectors that can be utilized to integrate SAP IS-U with external systems. BDEx Connect includes the following content in the form of consumable OData services:

Invoice History: Individual invoices, last invoice and full billing/invoice history.

Customer notes: The complete set of customer notes from BPEM Cases, Service Orders, Instalment Plans, Business Contacts and Interaction Records.

Exceptions/work requests: Details on the open and historical work for a specific customer including BPEM cases, implausible reads, billing outsorts, invoicing outsorts, billing blocks, workflows, service orders, disconnection documents, collection items and switch/process documents. Includes the work request key, status, creation date, current processor (where applicable) and closure data (where applicable).

Meter Reading History: Provide full details on the historical meter reading results.

Work Request Activity History: Provides a comprehensive audit trail for all of the actions carried out in BDEx for a specific customer, so you can exactly what was done, by whom and when.

Business Partner: Provides the ability to query on a comprehensive set of attributes from the Business Partner including all account balances, communication history, address details and

Contract Account: Provides the ability to query on a comprehensive set of attributes from the IS-U Contract Account including the current balance, address details, budget billing plans, account category and payment method.

In addition BDEx Connect provides the ability to query a single object reference, such as the Device, Premise, Installation, Device Location or Connection object, and build a 360 degree view of the affected Customer with no additional input required. For a full BDEx Connect library please contact Basis Technologies here.

Tech Notes

  • Software only - there’s no hardware, no appliances, or no low-level SAP tweaks required

  • All Databases and Operating Systems supported by SAP

  • Utilizes standard SAP (Netweaver) Gateway, providing an open, REST-based interface that implements simple access to SAP systems via the Open Data Protocol (OData) released under the Microsoft Open Specification Promise (OSP) for querying and updating data

  • OData builds on broadly known and used industry standards such as Atom Publishing Protocol (AtomPub), XML, and JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), which makes it easier to understand and use

  • Integrates natively with SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities and Public Sector (UMC / MCF)

  • Consistent with Open Data Protocol (OData) web standards and core principles, allowing for a new level of data integration and interoperability across traditional platform and manufacturer boundaries

  • Leverages standard SAP Gateway OData security

  • OData and SAP Gateway are used natively in SAPUI5, SAP Fiori, mobile, social media, and enterprise applications

  • 24/7 global support provided by US and European staff


  • Comes bundled with the BDEx Customer Centric Hub with no additional licence costs.
  • 24x7 support included as standard
  • Maintenance included - with annual updates

For more information about pricing of BDEx Connect and any other of our BDEx solutions simply get in touch.

American Water use BDi Apps- SAP for utilities
With BDEx we really have visibility into billing exceptions in terms of measuring performance and ensuring those exceptions are resolved in a reasonable amount of time.

Tammy MacLaughlin
CIS Release Lead - Business Transformation Program American Water