Exceptions Management

Dramatically reduce both the overall volume of exceptions and the average time taken to resolve them, driving customer satisfaction up and costs down.

Exceptions cost you time, money and customer satisfaction. And exception management in SAP can be time consuming and inefficient.

But BDEx is completely different. It automatically gives you a 360 degree view of all the exceptions associated with a particular customer. As a result, you can respond to and solve queries fast, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing agent workload significantly.

Even more importantly you can see what is causing exceptions, which allows you to change tolerances, configurations and processes to eliminate them entirely. Fewer exceptions means lower costs, less wasted effort and greater customer satisfaction.

Gain the foresight you need to resolve customer queries fast and reduce the number of exceptions dramatically by cleaning processes and eliminating root causes.

360 degree visibility of the customer. Manage and improve the customer experience with intuitive tools for Front and Back office processes.

Obtain previously unobtainable insights into transactional data for faster, more effective decision making.

Start improving customer satisfaction in weeks with our accelerated deployment methods.