Highlights from SAP for Utilities 2016

Highlights from SAP for Utilities 2016

Fresh from another fantastic SAP for Utilities conference, we are trying to work in the spirit of 'essentialism'.

I remember the keynote well; the disciplined pursuit of less. If only. We enjoyed the talk, but it was juxtaposed against Peyton Manning, (what a leader he is), and his pursuit of more.

More touchdowns, more passing yards, more wins, more broken records. It was also juxtaposed against our business. We want more BDEx customers, more fantastic presentations like Tacoma Public Utilities’ session on 'Improving Billing Agents experience while improving billing KPI's’, more of everything that improves our customers experience please.

I guess this is where essentialism intersects with ‘mindfulness’, the other keynote. Be mindful of what the important things are to get to your goals, and then strip everything else back to the essentials. Sounds straightforward right? But so does being in the pocket, throwing the Hail Mary pass, with two 300 lb guys wanting to crush you.

We loved seeing all of our customers, and hearing them discuss with other utilities on how they utilize our BDEx suite of solutions, (including BLADE, TORCH, and BOOMERANG), to manage exceptions, unlock trapped cash, and revolutionize how they use CR&B & SAP IS-U.

And it was fantastic to listen to the Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) session, where all 89 attendees were amazed to hear that 39% of TPU’s cases are closed through automation. We are so proud to have worked with award winning (CS Week award) TPU to help them improve their customer experience.

To read the full TPU case study, download the ebook here.

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