ENSA EPM Group implement BDEx to improve billing accuracy

Basis Technologies are delighted to announce ENSA EPM Group as their latest BDEx suite customer.

As one of the largest Utility companies in South America, ENSA were looking for ways to improve billing accuracy and reduce late billing costs in a cost-effective manner. By implementing Basis Technologies' utilities-focused solutions, ENSA are able to rapidly extract data from some of the largest database tables in IS-U and quickly identify all late billed customers using a range of criteria including rate, category, company code date and more.

Basis Technologies' products Torch and Blade have proven to enable savings of over £4.25million per annum and reduce billing exceptions by up to 50%. With these two tools in place, ENSA will resolve exceptions faster and ensure on time-billing, resulting in a more satisfied customer base.

Through the provision of Blade and Torch, ENSA have the tools to:
  • Streamline their tolerance levels and highlight potential issues in the Meter to Invoice cycle
  • Quickly identify all late billed contracts with an estimated total of the late billed revenue.
  • Prevent high back office exception rates and avoid negative customer impacts.
  • Provide a user interface which empowers the call center agents to do their job efficiently and effectively.

If you'd like to find out how BDEx can help you improve customer satisfaction by ensuring on-time-billing, then get in touch with one of our experts to arrange a free demonstration.