Automating manual tasks for more efficient use of staff resources

Written by Hayley Harford. Posted on Thursday, 2nd March 2017
Automating manual tasks for more efficient use of staff resources

Leading neuroscientists are continually trying to understand how the human brain makes decisions and evaluates all the different thought processes we make every second of our lives. Our brains can handle a multitude of processes and it is able to adapt and learn to improve our decision making.

It doesn’t seem impossible that one day we will be able to map the human brain and even emulate the brain's ability to process decisions, to automate much of daily life. However, a breakthrough in this region of science is probably still a long way off.

There are some things we can already automate, however. Why would anyone still carry out menial tasks such as noting a meter reading, or allocating work items in a SAP for Utilities billing system, when it's perfectly possible to have this done automatically, without expensive resources?

Why haven’t we yet worked out the benefits of automating simple repetitive tasks? Think about the following questions; is the task simple with limited decisions required? Is the task repetitive? Is the task high volume? If you can answer yes to all of those questions; it is an ideal candidate for automation.

Human resources are expensive and staff costs can equate to one of the highest outgoings of running a business. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure your resources are effectively maximized by utilizing their ability to make decisions and resolve complex problems by automating the simple and repetitive tasks.

At Basis Technologies we understand the benefit of automating repetitive tasks and have developed a number of tools to enable Utilities to maximize their resources to run their billing systems more efficiently and in a more cost-effective way.

Basis Technologies has worked extensively with its clients to understand the business needs for work allocation within SAP exceptions management and built the Dynamic Work Center. This is a unified inbox enabling business users to “Get Work” and ensures the right work is allocated to the right people at the right time in the right order.

The Dynamic Work Center provides vital functions to re-prioritizing work when needs change, recognizing the industry has flexible needs and requires the agility to meet these at a moment’s notice.

The manager dashboards provide Managers with real-time workloads and productivity reports for their staff, providing key functions in order to run an efficient and first-class exceptions management team.

Users of SAP BPEM tool to manage exceptions will know that once a case has been created there is no connection to the underlying root cause. Therefore, cases can be left open even though the issue has been resolved. Our in-house developers have created a simple solution to configure rules and run our automated tools to close down cases whereby the root cause has been resolved, removing waste from exception volumes.

The latest addition to the BDEx Suite is the automation framework, providing the ability to automate the resolution of exceptions.

Why not book a demo to find out how our products can automate your manual tasks to help your company reduce overhead costs and run efficient exceptions management and billing processes for a happier customer base.