About American Water

American Water provides high-quality water and waste-water services to approximately 15 million people in more than 30 states of the USA, as well as parts of Canada. American Water is the largest publicly traded water and waste-water utility company in the United States, and are the parent company to their state subsidiaries. They are committed to customer service, operational excellence and the delivery of high-quality, reliable drinking water, safe and effective waste-water treatment and other water-related management services.

Key Challenges

American Water was experiencing little visibility with billing exceptions in terms of measuring performance and ensuring those exceptions are resolved in a reasonable amount of time. Up to 90% of customers are billed monthly, which created a challenge when managing the billing and invoicing process, outsorts and implausibles were piling up. This was having an affect on the ability to generate timely billing and dips in revenue.

And in addition, American Water also had a manual process involving Excel & Lotus Notes. This was inefficient and didn't offer satisfactory levels of governance, protection, and efficiency of process for Accenture’s upgrade of 11 SAP systems. American Water needed a software solution that would be fast to implement and fast to show results.

How did we help?

Torch - Tolerance Optimizer brings significant value by providing a customer-centric view of all the cases, regardless of the object they're associated with.

Basis Technologies was able to promise huge savings in both time and money in American Water’s SAP change and release, development, and QA processes. More than that, Transport Expresso offers comfort that in the unlikely event of a ‘whoops’ moment, its one click back-out capabilities will save the day.

What was achieved

Implementing Torch - Tolerance Optimizer prevents customer service representatives from duplicating or sending unnecessary service orders, which means they can deliver on their excellent customer service promises.

Transport Expresso is being used to have a consolidated, global view of SAP changes for improved collaboration. It helps American Water develop and deploy SAP changes faster without disrupting the business. Transport Expresso has ensured near 100% production system uptime across all 11 SAP systems, despite an ambitious program of upgrades. What’s more, the improved efficiency of the workflow has meant 35% fewer contractors are needed to deliver more.