Utilities Solution Webinar: Take control of your back office

Webinar: Take control of your back office

In an SAP Utilities environment back office work can come from many different processes and issues.

With limited time and resources it’s important to prioritize these efficiently, and if you want to support your business priorities it’s imperative you are able to re-distribute work in a more dynamic way.

In this webinar recording we'll show you how BDEx Dynamic Work Center, from Basis Technologies, can give back office managers greater control of their workload. The Dynamic Work Center facilitates the management of accurate statistical reporting and streamlines the process of allocating back office work in an SAP Utilities environment.

Hayley Harford: Utilities Solution Director

Utilities Solution Consultant Hayley Harford has extensive experience within the Utilities industry with strong functional knowledge on SAP invoicing, billing and exceptions management. She'll be drawing on her expertise to discuss some of the key issues customers face when running SAP CR&B and IS-U.

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