CS Week Expanding Excellence Awards: A story of transformation

CS Week Expanding Excellence Award Winner

Sometimes you just know that you’ve done a job well. Often the numbers are there to back you up. The real icing on the cake though, is when your peers - the people who’ve probably felt those same daily frustrations and business challenges - recognise your success.

That being the case, we’re delighted that last week at CS Week, Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) were named finalist in the coveted CS Week utility industry awards in the category of innovation in customer service. Designed to acknowledge and salute excellence in customer service, this award serves as a recognition for outstanding contributions and innovative approaches in the meter-to-cash Customer Experience Lifecycle.

Congratulations to everyone at TPU for their hard work and success. At Basis Technologies we are proud to continue supporting their journey towards customer service excellence.

TPU join Pepco and Atmos Energy in the list of BDEx users that have been awarded finalist in the awards over the past three years.

How BDEx transformed TPU’s customer services.

Embarking on a major transformation of their customer service capabilities, TPU aimed to reduce billing cycle time, improve billing accuracy and automate standard exception handling for their utility billing. To achieve this goal they needed a solution that would allow them to reduce the time taken to resolve exceptions, significantly improve reporting and enable them to reduce overall exception levels. BDEx and TORCh, from Basis Technologies, were the products they implemented.

BDEx allowed TPU to address the issues they were facing without long, costly and complex development, and provided a correspondingly low cost of maintenance and support.

After only a little over a week from implementation, TPU achieved an Average Handling Time reduction of around 70%. As a direct result of utilizing the solution, 13.1% implausible reads were reduced to 4% in August 2015 and 3% in September 2015; 95% of invoices are now ready to mail within 3 days (up from 70%).

Ultimately it has provided an efficient and highly cost-effective way to improve their customer satisfaction levels.

BDEx has delivered or enabled a range of benefits to TPU, including:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of call volume
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Improved decision making through greater management visibility of performance
  • Greater business transparency through divisional reporting metrics
  • Can BDEx help you?

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