Late Bill Analytics

Instantly identify late billed contracts

Late billing can lead to crippling loss of revenue, high levels of complaints and even breaches in regulations. Although this information can be obtained by investigating each customer individually to identify whether they are late billed, this is resource intensive and when dealing with millions of customers becomes a near impossible task.

Blade’s late billing report leverages our Node5 Diffuser to rapidly extract data from some of the largest database tables in IS-U, quickly identifying all late-billed customers and provides the estimated locked revenue.

Using this report provides your business with a fast effective method of discovering your late bill problem and a starting point to tackle the underlying root causes.


  • Quickly identify all late billed contracts with an estimated total of the late billed revenue.
  • Instantly summarize late billed customers from a range of criteria including rate category, company code, date and more
  • Provides detailed analysis to sort and prioritize late billed items – including late billed days and relevant billing blocks
  • Accelerates the report processing up to 100x, leveraging the parallel-processing power of our Node5 Diffuser to extract data from some of the largest database tables in IS-U that would otherwise timeout using more traditional single stream techniques
  • Instantly summarize late-billed Business Partners, Contracts or Contract Accounts in both number of items and in ‘meter-to-cash’ terms based on average bill value
  • Use detailed analysis to sort and prioritize late billed items – including the age of the last bill and any relevant billing blocks
  • Slice and dice analysis using customer information including rate category, company code and fuel.
Late-Billing analytics for different customer types identify all un-billed customers SAP ISU METER TO CASH
Instant identification of un-billed revenue Identify all un-billed customers SAP ISU


Blade makes it possible to process huge volumes of SAP transactional data in minutes that would otherwise take days. Meaning that you can effectively prioritize late billed issues using the estimated 'total locked revenue' to evaluate the scale of your late-billed meter-to-cash problem.

Blade enables utilities running SAP billing to improve customer satisfaction by quickly identifying all contracts not billed by their scheduled bill date – with an estimate of total late-billed revenue.

Tech Notes

  • Software only - there’s no hardware, no appliances, or no low-level SAP tweaks required
  • Late billing and late invoicing analysis accelerated 30x faster
  • Installed and configured in your SAP system in 3 days
  • Installation package uses our Node5 OneStep approach - so are quickly implemented or backed out of your SAP landscape
  • SAP Platforms Supported: SAP NetWeaver 7.0 and above
  • Requires SAP IS-U
  • Databases and Operating Systems: All Supported by SAP
  • HANA and cloud ready - with guaranteed support for future SAP technologies including migration to simplified suite
  • 24/7 global support provided by US and European staff.


  • Annual subscription pricing with a simple 12 month license term
  • Evaluation licence available which can be converted to a full 12 month term.
  • 24x7 support included as standard
  • Maintenance included - with annual updates
  • Low risk pricing - with no upfront capital investment required
  • Typical ROI achieved in 1 day

For more information about pricing of Blade and any other of our solutions simply get in touch.

American Water use BDi Apps- SAP for utilities
With BDEx we really have visibility into billing exceptions in terms of measuring performance and ensuring those exceptions are resolved in a reasonable amount of time.

Tammy MacLaughlin
CIS Release Lead - Business Transformation Program American Water