Transforming Utilities' Customer Service for the Digital Age

Written by Hayley Harford. Posted on Thursday, 29th September 2016
Transforming Utilities' Customer Service for the Digital Age

The world is changing and has changed dramatically in the last twenty years.

I had a catch up with my Mum who often tells me about her childhood friends and experiences. She tells me she hasn’t seen her best friend from school for about forty years. That’s because in their generation, if you didn’t exchange addresses on a regular basis or stay in the local area, you lost touch and it was extremely difficult to find one another again.

Luckily we don’t have to suffer that sort of problem in the digital age. The world is the smallest place it could be right now.

By that I mean it’s become so easy to make contact with people no matter where they are in the modern world.

After listening to my mum’s tales, I decided to act and start to reconnect with my old school friends. I hadn’t seen most of them for over fifteen years and it felt like it was about time to get in touch. This was simply a matter of searching and finding a few friends on Facebook. Once I had got in touch the word spread and others were contacted and now ten of us regularly keep in contact using WhatsApp.

In this highly digitised small world it’s not just social lives that are being affected, the way we are changing services and service providers are changing rapidly too.

Whenever I talk to my friends about Utilities they still see their Gas, Electricity and Water suppliers as, and I quote “something we pay for”. They have online apps to submit a reading, but they see no benefit to their utility other than it being an essential service.

The key for the utilities industry at the moment is to embrace the digital transformation, and getting customers to see how valuable they are.

So how do utility companies become a trusted service provider and provide the required essentials along with great customer service and not just being “something you pay for”?

Enhancing the customer experience and digitising the service to make customers’ lives even more simple is essential for any Utility in their digital transformation.

Upcoming solutions, such as the digital self-serve, are becoming increasingly important for utilities. Customers expect engagement that goes beyond the norm and want more control over how and when they get their information and how they engage with their providers.

At Basis Technologies we’re at the forefront of technology, and we’re constantly developing solutions that our customers need in order to stay ahead of the competition.

If you are looking to:

  • Gain 360 degree customer view in ONE screen
  • Reduce Back Office handle times by 50%
  • Dramatically reduce inbound call handling times
  • Increase first time resolutions rates
  • Significantly reduce exceptions quickly
  • Optimize agent performance through analytics and workflow
  • Rapidly identify late billed customers and the root cause
  • And ultimately transform the customer experience to make your customers happy and less likely to leave you….

Then get in touch to find out more or download our e-book ‘Digital momentum: Redefining customer service for utilities running SAP’