Basis Technologies launches USUG innovation workshops

Basis Technologies are excited to announce the launch of the Utilities Solutions User Group (USUG) Innovation Workshops, taking place at the beginning of February, 2017.

Existing customers of the BDEx suite have shown a keen interest in having a forum in which they can share their ideas to help improve our game changing solutions further. With these workshops in place, existing Basis Technologies customers now have the opportunity to provide valuable user feedback on functionality, usability and all other customer issues, in order to help shape the future of Basis Technologies Utilities Solutions.

The innovation workshops will be held in addition to the annual USUG meeting held at CS Week, Fort Worth, TX, and will be quarterly online webinar style workshops.

“It is very important to us to be able to work closely with our customers and to continuously receive constructive feedback to ensure we develop product features that customers actually want and find useful” says Trevor Ticehurst, Utilities Business Unit Director at Basis Technologies. “The first step was to found the Utilities Solution User Group that meets annually at CS Week, TX. The innovation workshops will be a great addition and will help us to develop new product features much faster, focusing on the ones that really matter”.

The first innovation workshop will be held February 9th, 2017, at 09:00 PST / 12:00 EST / 17:00 GMT and will focus on BDEx Customer Centric Hub.

If you are an existing BDEx Customer and are interested in attending these workshops, please fill out the form below to register your interest and to receive further details.

*Please note, in order for these workshops to be as constructive and productive as possible, there will be limited seating available. If there are numerous people interested in attending from your organization, please let us know in your response and we will be in touch to advise on the best approach.

TPU to share their experience on 'How to Improve Billing KPI's" in SAP CR&B

Sue Daulton, Management Analyst at Tacoma Public Utilities, will share her experience and talk about "Improving Billing Agent UI Experience While Improving Billing KPIs" at SAP for Utilities, Huntington Beach, CA next month.

The presentation will include the technical activities to achieve project goals and an overview of the timeline, change management approach, and results. Information will be shared on billing agent input and collaboration which created an early sense of ownership and adoption. Also included will be the value of analytic tools, such as BDEx, to manage the large volumes of meter readings, exception handling and billing/invoicing in SAP, providing new visibility into all aspects of the Meter to Bill process enabling a sustained level of improvement.

The audience will learn how Tacoma Public Utilities was able to reduce exception handling from 13.1% to 4% through improvements, automation, and new tools for billing agents. In addition they were able to improve cycle time from 70% on-time billing to 95% while reducing labor costs by 28%.

Don't miss this session on Tuesday 11th October at 2:50 PM in Customer Track 1.

We’ll be at SAP for Utilities this October. Will you?

SAP for Utilities 2016 Hyatt Regency Hotel

We are pleased to announce that Basis Technologies will be exhibiting at the eighth annual SAP for Utilities Conference in Huntington Beach, California, 9-15 October 2016.

The expanding digital economy and changing customer expectations continue to put pressure on utilities to respond, so at the conference we'll be showcasing a range of tools that can support business agility, digital transformation and best-in-class customer service.

Our BDEx solutions have transformed the customer service processes of some major players in the utilities industry, including Puget Sound Energy, Atmos Energy and Tacoma Public Utilities.

BDEx solutions could help utilities to:

  • Consolidate and accelerate exceptions management
  • Answer customer inquiries faster and more proactively
  • Measure agent performance accurately
  • Convert transactional data into insights that drive better decisions

Meanwhile, Agile or DevOps approaches to SAP development allow faster, safer delivery of change, supporting every stage of the digital transformation journey while enabling utilities to keep up with customers’ increasing expectations.

Our DevOps Toolset provides the means to:

  • Automate processes to minimise risk and eliminate error
  • Generate more business value through faster, safer application delivery
  • Make IT highly responsive to business needs
  • Implement new features and services fast and often, delivering value sooner

To find out more about how BDEx and our DevOps Toolset can help utilities keep pace with customers, book an appointment with our team of specialists at SAP for Utilities this year.

Utilities User Group 2016

We're delighted to announce the second Utilities User Group event taking place on Wednesday 12th October 2016, following the SAP for Utilities Conference in Huntington Beach California.

  • 12:15: User Group Welcome and Lunch
  • 12.45/13:00: Welcome and Introductions
  • 13:15 Customer Presentation: "How Atmos Energy improved their exception handling and improved customer service
  • 13:45 Break
  • 14:00 Customer Presentation: "How Pepco Holdings tackled their late billing problem using Blade"
  • 14:30 Basis Presentation: Trevor Ticehurst: Introducing DevAnalytics
  • 15:00 Q and A
  • 15:30 Wrap Up
register interest

Basis Technologies announces their latest BDEx customer, UGI Utilities, Inc.

Basis Technologies announces their latest BDEx customer, UGI Utilities, Inc.

Based in Valley Forge, UGI serves over 600,000 natural gas and electricity customers in eastern and central Pennsylvania.

Thanks to Basis Technologies award-winning BDEx suite, UGI will have an easy-to-use system for their front and back office customer service representatives, providing maximum efficiency in resolution of customer issues. BDEx will also enable UGI to minimize the number of late-billed customers so that their meter-to-cash process is optimized.

Basis Technologies have vast experience helping large Utility companies ensure a smooth transition to SAP CR&B, avoiding unexpected increases in average call handling times and billing complications that could potentially harm their relationship with their loyal customers.

For three years in a row Utilities running BDEx as part of their SAP CR&B solution have been nominated the much-coveted CIS Implementation of the Year, with two respective winners.

To learn more about the BDEx product suite, and to see how it can improve your SAP exceptions management, request a free demonstration from one of our specialists.

CS Week Expanding Excellence Awards: A story of transformation

CS Week Expanding Excellence Award Winner

Sometimes you just know that you’ve done a job well. Often the numbers are there to back you up. The real icing on the cake though, is when your peers - the people who’ve probably felt those same daily frustrations and business challenges - recognise your success.

That being the case, we’re delighted that last week at CS Week, Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) were named finalist in the coveted CS Week utility industry awards in the category of innovation in customer service. Designed to acknowledge and salute excellence in customer service, this award serves as a recognition for outstanding contributions and innovative approaches in the meter-to-cash Customer Experience Lifecycle.

Congratulations to everyone at TPU for their hard work and success. At Basis Technologies we are proud to continue supporting their journey towards customer service excellence.

TPU join Pepco and Atmos Energy in the list of BDEx users that have been awarded finalist in the awards over the past three years.

How BDEx transformed TPU’s customer services.

Embarking on a major transformation of their customer service capabilities, TPU aimed to reduce billing cycle time, improve billing accuracy and automate standard exception handling for their utility billing. To achieve this goal they needed a solution that would allow them to reduce the time taken to resolve exceptions, significantly improve reporting and enable them to reduce overall exception levels. BDEx and TORCh, from Basis Technologies, were the products they implemented.

BDEx allowed TPU to address the issues they were facing without long, costly and complex development, and provided a correspondingly low cost of maintenance and support.

After only a little over a week from implementation, TPU achieved an Average Handling Time reduction of around 70%. As a direct result of utilizing the solution, 13.1% implausible reads were reduced to 4% in August 2015 and 3% in September 2015; 95% of invoices are now ready to mail within 3 days (up from 70%).

Ultimately it has provided an efficient and highly cost-effective way to improve their customer satisfaction levels.

BDEx has delivered or enabled a range of benefits to TPU, including:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduction of call volume
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Improved decision making through greater management visibility of performance
  • Greater business transparency through divisional reporting metrics
  • Can BDEx help you?

    We’d love to explain how BDEx may be able to help to transform customer service within your organization.

Live Utilities Solution Webinar: Take control of your back office

Live Webinar: Take control of your back office

Utilities Solution Webinar for SAP CR&B

In an SAP Utilities environment back office work can come from many different processes and issues.

With limited time and resources it’s important to prioritize these efficiently, and if you want to support your business priorities it’s imperative you are able to re-distribute work in a more dynamic way.

Register for this webinar we'll show you how BDEx Dynamic Work Center, from Basis Technologies, can give back office managers greater control of their workload. The Dynamic Work Center facilitates the management of accurate statistical reporting and streamlines the process of allocating back office work in an SAP Utilities environment.

Wednesday March 30th 2016

08:00 US (West Coast) | 11:00 US (East Coast) | 16:00 UK | 17:00 Central Europe

Hayley Harford: Utilities Solution Director

Utilities Solution Consultant Hayley Harford has extensive experience within the Utilities industry with strong functional knowledge on SAP invoicing, billing and exceptions management. She'll be drawing on her expertise to discuss some of the key issues customers face when running SAP CR&B and IS-U.

Webinar: Instantly identify late billed contracts in SAP CR&B

Late billing can lead to a significant loss of revenue, impacts to customer satisfaction and even breaches in regulatory compliance. Finding out which customers are past their scheduled bill date and where contracts are stuck in the meter to invoice cycle can be incredibly difficult and resource intensive.

In this webinar we will demonstrate how your business can benefit from a fast, effective method of discovering the extent of late billing within your organisation. Analyse all of your contracts and identify the key milestones where billing is being delayed.

We will provide practical examples of how Blade’s Late Billing Analytics can be used to quickly identify late billed contracts, estimate locked revenue and identify the the root cause issues.

You can watch the recording here..

Wednesday November 25th

16:00 GMT | 08:00 PDT | 11.00 EDT

BDEx customer running SAP CR&B wins CIS Implementation of the year at CS Week

CS Week Conference 2015 Charlotte North Carolina 27 April 2015

For the second year in a row a utility running BDEx as part of their SAP CR&B solution has been awarded the much coveted CIS Implementation of the year at CS Week 2015.

This year it was PEPCO Holdings a major utility in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Following on from Atmos Energy's success last year, PEPCO were recognised for their outstanding contribution and innovation in utility customer service, with Accenture acting as a valued partner.

So far, BDEx solutions have transformed the customer experience for 22.5 million utilities customers worldwide.

Other utilities running BDEx apps on their SAP CR&B platform to improve customer service include Puget Sound Energy, Atmos Energy and Tacoma Public Utilities.

Read more about how PEPCO achieved a reduction in the meter to cash exceptions by 50% using BDEx and Torch as key components of their SAP deployment.

Basis Technologies to exhibit BDEx at CS Week Conference 2015

CS Week Conference 2015 Charlotte North Carolina 27 April 2015

Basis Technologies will be showcasing BDEx, the leading exception management tool suite for Utilities running SAP CR&B at CS Week on April 28th to May 1st at the Charlotte convention centre in North Carolina, US.

CS Week is the premier utility customer service conference for managers and executives at investor owned utilities, cooperatives, municipalities and government entities.

The annual convention features CS Week Executive Summit, CS Week Key Account Forum, CS Week College, CS Week Expanding Excellence Awards, the CS Week Synergy Groups, the 60+ workshops of CS Week Conference, and the largest Exhibit Hall in customer service-related Smart Infrastructure.

So far, BDEx solutions have transformed the customer experience for 22.5 million utilities customers worldwide. Utility companies that already use BDEx apps to improve customer service include Puget Sound Energy, Atmos Energy and Tacoma Public Utilities.

If you're attending CS Week, make sure you don't miss Trevor Ticehurst, Utilities Exception Management Expert, joined by Sue Daulton, Utility Community Facilitator of ASUG, speaking about how BDEx has helped Tacoma Public Utilities to improve their exceptions handling.

'Improving Exception Handling with BDEx', 10.30am - 11.15am, Room 207D, April 27 at the SAP Synergy Group

If you'd like to see how some of our BDEx solutions such as the Customer Centric Hub can help you tackle some of the toughest customer service challenges utilities face, head over to booth 836 and ask our team for a demo.


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