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  • BDEx Customer Centric Hub - the only tool that gives a real-time, customer centric view of all relevant customer interactions and issues from CR&B including BPEMs, Service Orders and Billing Blocks.
  • BDEx Dynamic Work Center - streamline and automate the allocation of back office work for greater efficiency and reduced cherry picking.
  • BDEx BPEM Closure Control - understand the link between BPEM cases and their underlying root cause. No more double handling of work and fewer recurring tickets.
  • BDEx Connect - simple IoT integration for SAP IS-U, providing customer and billing information to external systems like C4C, Salesforce or multi channel applications.
  • Blade - provide your business with a fast effective method of discovering late bill problem and tackle the underlying root causes.
  • Torch - prevent high Back Office exception rates, avoid negative customer experience and adverse media attention through effective tolerance management.
  • Boomerang -analyze rework rates across all exception case categories and re-allocate Back Office staff to meet the increased inflow of work.
  • Exception Analytics - gain insight into the exceptions resident within the SAP system and the customer affected, pulling together an aggregated view of all open data.
  • Predictive Customer Insight - identify hidden patterns within millions of historical data transactions to predict possible future customer behaviors.