BDEx 4.1: Our most powerful effective exceptions handling tool to date

Written by Trevor Ticehurst. Posted on Thursday, 18th August 2016

At Basis Technologies we’re constantly improving our range of award winning software tools to provide SAP users with most innovative ways to manage their systems and improve their customer service.

Listening to our customers and their needs is what keeps us going. That’s why we’re delighted to announce the availability of BDEx 4.1, the latest iteration of our flagship Utility Solution Product.

BDEx 4.1 includes a range of updates and new features.

Summary of new features:

Customised Large Account Selection

The BDEx Customer Centric Hub has been enhanced to improve the selection and performance for customers with large volumes of contract accounts and/or contracts.

Building on our existing work request selection features, BDEx v4.1 will now only show relevant objects, with filter options available to change the context and streamline the exception based on which object is selected.

With the new customer selection features, the user will be able to see a more specific display of exceptions in context of the master data objects, enabling easier and quicker user performance through a more simplistic UI.

Enhancements to watched items

With Agents and managers already able to watch work requests which they are interested in, the inform When Resolved functionality from previous releases has been enhanced, to add the ability to relate items to each other and trigger actions accordingly.

Now, agents have full capability to be able to link two exceptions together, so you can automatically carry out an action or an exception once it's dependent exception is resolved, increasing efficiency of an agent's time.

Comprehensive Productivity Report

Within Each BDEx Session, all Agent’s credentials and Agent Assignment details will be captured, together with the Primary or Secondary Work Request and Master Data Object along with the various Action details and timings. BDEx v4.1 is therefore able to track and monitor your teams to give you full understanding of all exceptions worked on.

With a full analytical breakdown of your exception handling, you will be able to view, monitor and adjust your teams' performance removing the need for intensive time and motion studies and ensure constant improvement to agent activity so your customer service is as efficient as possible.

New right click actions

Enabling our customers to have more functionality is essential. That's why we've added 29 new master data actions, 7 new work request actions as well as BPEM assignment history display. With improved insight and additional functionality, agent processing is streamlined and handling times reduced".

UI improvements

Our customers love our BDEx suite for it’s simple user interface and holistic view of all customer information in one simple place.

BDEx v4.1 improves on an already best-in-class interface, with a variety of updates that bring multiple work requests into one single view designed to improve the ease of use, process efficiency and visibility of work.

BDEx now provides a highlighted view to identify:

1. Exception and objects used to launch BDEx

2. Linkages and watched items

A work request assignment icon has been added to enable users to see who is working a particular item or if it is assigned to themselves. With all customer related data from SAP IS-U and CR&B and view in one place, BDEx customers will be able to experience better agent productivity, reduction in complaints and faster investigation of issues.

If you'd like to get in touch to find out what our product offering can do for you, please contact one of our utilities experts to arrange a free demonstration of our product.